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A blog about being Thin and Now. I'm working on reaching my weight loss goals through clean eating and exercise. Here you can read about my thoughts on exercise, fitness, healthy eating, and anything related. Read. Comment. Enjoy.
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Fun. For. Me!

I introduce you to Sandy new family pet!

What 100% effort for 60 mins looks like Erika-Style #Turbofire #BodyRevolution #MakeItHappen!

Congrats Mayor Coleman on receiving the #Columbus Award #ccam13 (at Battelle Grand Ballroom)

The event so haute they brought in reinforcements! #ccam13 (at Battelle Grand Ballroom)

Me and @tonywhelan at 11


My boss is borrowing my #Insanity set! Good Luck!

In honor of my latest weight loss goal here’s a transformation pic!

Justin Campbell is gettin funky on the drums! (at New Harvest Cafe)